About Space to Breathe

I help amazing entrepreneurial women to unveil, understand and then BEFRIEND their inner critic. Yes, you read that correctly!

Its your dream right? So why do you feel like sometimes the greatest critic of your work is yourself? Your most vocal competition is inside you?
Let me help you to make some space to breathe… so that you can do the thing that you do, without the battle within.

I loved working with Amy. She is smart and experienced and was able to gently guide me through the process to get to know my inner critic and begin to make some peace with her.  I would highly recommend working with her.  She is magical and has really helped me to shift my perspective and move forward. ~Andra


The seed for Space to Breathe was sown in 2013 after a significant knock to my own sense of self and my trust for my inner voice.

The voice within me became loud, insistent, mean and aggressive.

I tried to do the generally understood techniques to manage, I tried to relax, I took baths and had massages. I tried to exercise it out, becoming a bit of a gym junkie in the process. I also gave chocolate a fair run for its money. Nothing really took the edge off the nasty internal voice that insisted I was a failure, that I would not make it, that other people mattered more than me, and worst of all, that people were laughing at me behind my back.

After significant amounts of soul searching, many reflective sessions, journalling sessions, courses, self-help services, and conversations with insightful and helpful people I came to learn that the critic within, was just as afraid as I was.

After that things were never the same again.


Let me help you to get back on your own team, to still the nasty voice within, and to find your Space to Breathe.

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