3 Reasons your critic doesn’t have to worry about the end of the year approaching

Its only five weeks until the year is over.
Doesn’t that make your heart race go up a notch! Does that get your mind racing “oh but i have to do so much before christmas’ ‘oh my goodness i have to start prepping for 2016’ ‘oh my goodness, everyone is already setting intentions for next year and what am i doing?!’
Im here to tell you that you don’t have to do that to yourself. Here are three reasons you don’t have to get anxious about the end of the year coming and it only being 5 weeks to the close of 2015.
Reason 1.
It helps nothing if you get anxious. Use it as a handy deadline.
Yup. Its a complete waste of your time to get anxious about the end of the year. It doesn’t accomplish anything on your to do list. It doesn’t make you feel good. It doesn’t even really motivate you in a good way. If your anything like most of the population, becoming anxious provides a parallel drop in your productivity. Use the upcoming end of the year as a handy deadline. Most people don’t work well in crisis, but they do respond well to a deadline (timeline). Use this to your advantage.
Reason 2.
If it was May and i asked you what you were doing in the middle of June, you’d calmly say that you had XY and Z planned right? because you are focussed on May, and know that June is coming and its part of the plan. December gets a raw deal that way. its like we skip over from November to January just because we are december-ist and don’t want to look at it.
Reason 3.
Its a wonderful time.
I worked with a woman once who said to me ‘lets end well’. I’ve always remembered that. The end is just as worthy of your attention and love as the beginning. Do it well.

Your critic will start to flail her arms and announce that armageddon is coming, but there is no need to engage in that. December is a time of reflection and intention, its THE month for you to really focus down on your business and enjoy the idea that a holiday is approaching. Its a great time to really bring to your mind the big WHY that you do your business, to use the endless commercials and family christmas planning to remember that the reason that you are in business for yourself is so that you don’t have to do the christmas graveyard shift, you don’t have to negotiate with the boss or other workers, you don’t have to wonder how you will ever have the time off you need to spend with your people.

So when your Critic gets her game on, and starts to yell at you about the end being nigh, that there is SO much to do and SO little time (remember she is discounting a WHOLE MONTH) calmly remind her that it is five weeks away and YOU GOT THIS. Its a wonderful time, and its a great time to really sit gently with your WHY, to pull out the most interesting and wonderful things about your business and to be grateful for the provision of a community wide timeline.
You got this babe.
big love from me.