AffORmations. Putting your Inner Critic to good work

Afformations, not to be confused with Affirmations, are the process of asking questions rather than making statements, to yourself and your inner consciousness. The background to them being – very loosely – that the human mind is an excellent problem solver and when offered a puzzle to solve, will go about its business figuring out a solution. This concept was developed by International Speaker Noah St. John.

Now presumably most business women are rightly using Afformations in their positive sense, asking uplifting and confidence enhancing questions like “why am I so great at handling money?” and “why is it that people love to work with me?” and so forth.

The interesting thing for me, is what happens in reverse. What happens if you have an inner critic who is asking the questions? Most (untrained) Inner Critics tend to focus on the negative, they ask unhelpful and undermining questions.

So if your Inner Critic is having a party in your mind, shouting at you “why do you think thats a good idea, its not new?” and “What makes you think anyone cares about you and what you’re doing, no one likes you?” and so on, then presumably the mind will go off and process and problem solve these questions and raise concrete evidence of the same.

So i have a radical idea. Lets put that Inner Critic of yours to work, if she must chatter away there, lets just encourage her to make her chatter more useful.

Consider redirecting your critics chatter to things like.. “Why is this such a good idea right now” or “I wonder who will love what I’m offering here”. This way, when your inner workings go about problem solving, they will problem solve in the direction of your dreams.

I’d just love to hear how it goes for you!

big love from me xx

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