An Unlikely Trio. Abundance, Business and the Inner Critic

Are you one of those people who struggles against the idea of the Inner Critic in the pursuit of business and abundance?

Lots of people think that to have the first two, they cannot have the last one. Or alternatively, if they have the last one, they will never manage to have the first two. That somehow the three cannot live in harmony. In January, the month of planning and goal setting, this can cause some ripples.

Im here to tell you that its a BIG FAT MYTH that they cannot co exist, and here is why…

When unmanaged, the Inner Critic will grow like a boganvillia plant in Queensland, it will get spiky, unruly, huge and swallow up all the structures it started out on. It can also be a beautiful thing to behold, from a safe space away from the thorns, as you observe its power grow and thrive.

When MANAGED that same power and beauty can be put to good use in your business. Imagine if you had a force within you that could grow without tending, that would bloom with abandon, that would defend its position with a seriousness not previously seen?

The Inner Critic is YOUR force. It is THAT force.

Many manifesting peeps will tell you that the mind is always manifesting. You only get to chose what.

Setting the power and enthusiasm of your Inner Critic to the task of growing your abundance and your business, is a strategic, sensible and wildly radical thing to do!

So how do you do it?

The Inner Critic spends her time whispering critical things to you, or shouting them, or perhaps delivering pearls of wisdom that make you feel like crud. How to turn that around?

Its all about perspective baby!

Remember how gorgeous the boganvillia is from a safe distance … its the same for your inner critic.

Take a step back from her, what is she doing exactly? Why is she saying those things? What is she trying to achieve? How is she achieving it?

Then take those skills and apply them to your abundance and your business.

I’d love to hear how you go! Drop me a line on my Facebook page over here so I can celebrate with you!

Until then…
Lots of love from me.