Do not mistake my kindness for weakness. I am BADASS

Am I kind? Yes.
Am I gentle? Yes.
Am i loving? yes.
Am i a pushover? HELL NO.

Its really important to be clear in your business persona that you can be both likeable, and assertive.

Tara Mohr covers this beautifully when she speaks about the ‘double bind’ women in business face. The research establishes that in business (particularly traditional business) women can be either likeable or capable. But they cannot be both. We all know however, research by the time its delivered, is usually a little behind where we are today.

It is a new movement, particularly visible among entrepreneurial women, to be both likeable and badass effective. This is an exciting time. It means that we can be gentle, loving and wonderfully giving. It also means that we are business women and we are deserving of being paid for the work we do, being acknowledged for the work we do, and well, being respected for what we do.

It is a wonderful time to be kind in your business. To be a part of the movement that shows the feminine power behind business. The one that says ‘for me to win, you do not have to lose’.

I watched a periscope today by Tash Corbin (check out Periscope! its all kinds of crazy!) and she said ‘if i can help you… then I’m going to do that, I am going to be in Forbes Richest 100 soon, and i’d much rather be there surrounded by all of you, than the Donald Trumps of the world’. Can I get an AMEN to THAT!!??

So the next time your Inner Critic whispers to you that because you are gentle, kind or generous you are not a good capable, effective BADASS CEO of your business. Tell her to shut up, she is no longer the authority, like the research, her knowledge is just out of date…

For you to win, no one has to lose. Your true self knows this.

much love