Frequently asked questions

Is this counselling / therapy?
 No. While I use techniques that are used in the counselling professions, the process of Skype and distance inhibit the opportunity to engage in this way. This is purely psycho educational material to help you to master the parts of you that are critical. I utilise some visual strategies together with a lot of talking and discussion.

I don’t have much time to commit, and I am often not available at the same time each week?
Thats okay. the point is to be short, sharp. To go deep, quick and move on. There is no procrastination here. We will schedule time together as we go so that it fits in with your commitments.

Is this confidential?
I adhere to strict confidentiality. I will not discuss your personal issues with another person in a way that identifies you. The only exception to this is if I feel that you are an immediate danger to yourself or to others, or where law provides for disclosure.

What if I’m not happy with the Service?
I am offering to fully refund your payment if you are not happy with the Service I provide. Please contact me to discuss this further.





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