How Your Inner Critic Can Help You…

Clarity in business is a serious issue.

If you don’t have clarity in your business, you might be unclear on your ideal client, or maybe exactly what services you want to offer, or what price you should charge. Maybe your unclear on your systems and the way to structure things financially, content wise or time scheduling wise.
Im willing to bet that if you have an inner critic that is a bit out of control (as they get sometimes) that she has an opinion on most of that, and why it is that you’ve bought this on yourself, and its all your fault and how you’ll never amount to anything.
Am I right?

Here is some good news for you. 
She can actually help you to get really clear on exactly those issues that she is so very vocal about.

If your Inner Critic is vocal and nasty about a particular issue – for some peeps its that they are no good with money for example – its because she has an opinion and a perspective about that. Her opinion and perspective are probably informed fully by a time when you were hurt or surprised or frightened in relation money management, or perhaps a significant other was hurt or surprised or frightened by money management.  This means she has some information on what doesn’t work.

Spend a little time allowing your inner critic to rant at you all the things she has been trying to tell you. Get it out and then sit back for a moment in the peace (ahhhhh) then sit forward again and circle the themes. Use these themes to help foster clarity…Ask yourself, where have I heard them before?
What was happening then? How can I make sure that that doesn’t occur again this time around?


Love your Inner Critic. She’s working quite hard there.

Big Love from me