I don’t have an “Inner Wisdom” personality… Do I? Am I broken?

If you do not have a sense of an Inner Wisdom construct, do not fret. That is, some people can talk about an inner guide who is wise and available. Maybe (like me) thats not available to you right now.

Some of us do not have an innate connection to our natural wisdom and intuition. But do not make the mistake of believing that means you don’t have wisdom inside of you, or that there is not some intuition there.
Think about the times that you have done things just ‘because’ or when you’ve made decisions because it seemed right, not because there was any substantial evidence one way or the other. Think about the love you carry for your child, or sister or father, or the way that you feel when your dog looks at you, like really looks at you.

Its that connection to soul that matters. Some people just have it a bit easier than others.
Some people play tennis easier too. It just is.
That doesn’t mean you can’t learn to play tennis, and it doesn’t mean you can’t discover, and connect, with your inner wisdom.

I believe that conceptualising your inner self is helpful because it brings it forth to your conscious minds eye. It makes it tangible and useful and graspable (is that a word!?). Some people find concepts that are nebulous or energetic difficult to access from their thinking brain during times they need them. This is where the process of personifying her will help you.
We most need our Inner Wisdom in times of stress or anxiety right? What if you can’t find her?
Most likely she is there, but just not quite available to your evidence demanding, rational brain.

Drawing out your inner self, picturing her, personifying her, can make her more accessible to your conscious brain.

And trust me, if your worrying she isn’t there, you’re using your conscious brain and thats just not where she hangs out.

You are most definitely NOT broken.

much love xx