Why the NaySayer in your head could be your greatest ally

It is a common experience for entrepreneurial women to have big plans and dreams, and find themselves hesitating at following them because of the naysayer in their mind.

The naysayer whispers ‘but it won’t work!’ and ‘what if we look silly’? and ‘this seems like a dangerous thing to do’!

Its easy to get lost in those little thoughts that pop up. Easy to put big dreams back on the shelf when we wonder if we are being silly or unrealistic. It is important to maintain a professional image,and to have products that work. It would seem like we are amateur if we launch things that flop!

The thing about the Naysayer that she stops us before we start. She is the killer of dreams before they are born. She is the one that repeats the fears of those who influenced us without letting us speak our own truth before dismissing it.

What if you were able to treat the naysayer like your ‘quality control agent’. What if you could have your dreams, you could start the projects, you could initiate the big things in your business without the undermining voice telling you not to try. Then when you have something that you would like to present to the world, you can see it through the lens of your inner critic naysayer. She can easily use her skills to point out to you where there might the potential weaknesses, or where you might want to tweak things to look ‘more professional’. She can even assess danger, and she can assess its likelihood of success. Best of all, the Naysayer is a conservative assessor. This means that as a balance you can be as radical as you wish in your business, and the naysayers quality control lens can balance you!

A good business team has a good balance of skills. Why not repurpose your inner critic naysayer to be your quality control agent?
What would you do first, if you could have her on your final inspection quality control team instead of on your design and strat planing brainstorming team?

Dream baby dream!