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Meet Me
Complimentary spotlight consultation over the phone or Skype. – Talking about your inner critic is tough. It is important you feel safe and secure with the person you entrust that conversation to. Lets talk for fifteen minutes, you can ask all the questions you need to ask, and get a feel for what a session with me might feel like for you. 
Meet your Inner Critic
Meet and personify your inner critic during this one hour session. In this session, using discussion and imagination, we will delve into the inner critic you are battling to learn what she is like and hear what she is trying to say. I will support you to come up with some short sharp strategies to manage her outbursts.
We will also have a free 15 minute follow up a week later to see how you are going.
 $120 AUD
Inner Critic Intensive
In this package of three Skype sessions over the course of two weeks, I will help you to meet your Inner Critic(s), to learn about them and what they want and to figure out some short strategies to manage their outbursts. You will also find some compassion for your inner critic and find out what she / they are good at. You will then learn how to use these things for helping you and to appreciate the strength she brings to your life. We will look specifically at your business, and the impact your inner critic is having in your business life and develop some strategies to manage this.
I will be available for you to check in several times between our formal sessions.
$400 AUD

“I didn’t really know what to expect from a session with Amy and how it would transform my inner critic.  Through my sessions with Amy I was professionally and compassionately guided to explore, understand, acknowledge, accept and even value my inner critic and the power it has to assist in transforming my life and my business.  It was a truly powerful and helpful experience to make friends with my inner critic. I highly recommend Amy and her services.”~Megan 

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